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“The Celebration Reverberation”: Behind the Scenes

1 month ago

I know, I know: I just wrote a TBBT behind-the-scenes post about last week’s “almost married” City Hall episode! But last night’s “almost coitus” episode was too much fun for me to not write about! Our writers are producing terrific…

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Vlog #33: Fun With Flags!

5 months ago

[Photo credit:] For Mayim, picking her favorite Big Bang Theory moments feels like trying to choose which of her kids or castmates she likes best. (And she definitely won’t make either of those choices!) But the episodes that stand out most for…

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Consent & The Big Bang Theory

1 year ago

On Thursday night, CBS aired the winter finale of The Big Bang Theory, titled “The Birthday Synchronicity.” In this episode, not only do Howard and Bernadette have their baby (who they name Halley, like the comet….cute, huh?), but Amy and…

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Let’s Talk About (Shamy) Sex

2 years ago

So Amy and Sheldon had sex. We did it. It’s done. As I expressed in my last post about it, I had a lot of mixed and complicated feelings. And while many of you were excited to learn that this…