Vlog #33: Fun with flags!

Mayim talks about her favorite scenes on "The Big Bang Theory"
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 08/17/2017 at 9:00 AM EST

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For Mayim, picking her favorite Big Bang Theory moments feels like trying to choose which of her kids or castmates she likes best. (And she definitely won’t make either of those choices!) But the episodes that stand out most for her are when Amy and Sheldon host their online show, “Fun With Flags.”

Mayim loves so much about “Fun With Flags.” She gets to work intensely with Jim Parsons to figure out how to make the words on the page spring to life in all their delightfully awkward glory. She gets to really live in Amy’s awkward, out-of-step world. “Fun With Flags” is also complicated, involving intense duplication of each moment and a lot of props that makes things challenging but also fun.

But for Mayim, one of the other things she loves is how the show illustrates the special intimacy between these two strange characters in their unusual romantic relationship, creating this special world together. The “Fun With Flags” space is a unique one, crafted by Sheldon, completed by Amy’s participation in it, and containing many fun flag facts, to boot.

We know “Fun With Flags” is also a fan favorite! And the reasons you love it are probably similar to the reasons Mayim does, so check out the video! (And don’t forget to subscribe to Mayim’s channel so you don’t miss a single video!)


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