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The Big Bang Theory: Amy and Sheldon go to City Hall

Mayim shares some behind-the-scenes tidbits from tonight's episode.
By Mayim Bialik     Published on 12/07/2017 at 8:45 PM EST

Here are 5 things about the latest episode of TBBT that I’m thrilled to share with you (and some additional fun facts):

  1. Did I know Amy and Sheldon were going to end up at City Hall? LOL…not at all! We only get the scripts the night before we start rehearsing them, and as I was reading the script, I was really enjoying the banter between Amy and Sheldon about wedding choices for ushers, officiants and “objects to throw” after vows. I had no clue what was coming!
  2. Do I think Sheldon and Amy should have gone to City Hall? Well, I was certainly surprised when Sheldon suggested it! I feel like the proposal is kind of recent, especially considering they have been dating for so long. But I also understand how the frustration of the planning for both of them was being channeled into a creative venture into choosing all of these things, but that ultimately, it might just be scary and exciting to get married and Sheldon perhaps wanted to just avoid the middle stages of anxiety and jump straight to the finish line! Even so, I think Jim and I were both kind of surprised it happened so quickly!
  3. Did it feel like a wedding? Getting ready for that City Hall scene totally felt like Amy’s wedding. Granted, the pink three-piece suit was not a wedding gown, but it felt very “Amy,” right? And do you know that I actually wore that outfit once before on the show about 6 years ago? (The miracle was that it still fit!) I spent some extra time in the hair and make-up chair before that scene and it was really fun to take my standard look and bump it up a bit. Lucia teased my hair a bit and I had on a sweet little headband, and Linda used pink eye shadow and a heavier eyeliner (even underneath the eye, ooh lala!) to make Amy look a bit dramatic. I think it worked!
  4. Lip gloss. I had this idea that I wanted Amy to wear super shiny sparkly pink lipstick and gloss but then Linda reminded me about that kiss with Jim…and she said she did not want his make-up person to have to keep taking my lip gloss off of his lips if we did a lot of takes…I was bummed out! I really wanted sparkly shiny glossy lips…oh well. We settled for a “stain” which does not come off when you kiss someone. It feels a bit gummy to be honest, but it does the trick for on-screen kisses!
  5. “Better than dark matter.” I’m not sure our writers could have come up with anything better to have Sheldon say to Amy than she is better than dark matter. While the script could have been read as saccharine-sweet, Jim’s delivery was perfect. He manages to be so matter-of-fact while also being irresistible and charming and adorable. He’s truly perfect for Amy. And while we’re talking about sweetness, when Amy says she is not disappointed that they weren’t doing a big wedding, I love how the writers wrote that line. It originally said, “This is perfect” but I made it “It’s perfect.” I’m not sure why that felt better. It just did.

Fun facts:

  • There were 2 same-sex couples featured in the city hall scene as background actors. Did you spot them?
  • The actress who played the clerk is a Houstonian, Brooke Baumer. She always plays a clerk in every show she is in, she said, and she never gets to wear her hair down so she was thrilled to wear it down for this episode. And her hair naturally flips like that which I thought was so awesome!
  • Because Amy did not wear tights in this scene and because I have total tomboy legs full of scars and bruises, I had to wear body make-up on my legs. Can you tell they are a lot darker than my normal skin color!?
  • Amy rarely wears jewelry, but I wore rose earrings for the scene at City Hall. At first, Lucia had put a really pretty sparkly clip in my hair along with the headband; once we put the earrings on, we decided the sparkly clip plus headband plus earrings was way too much and we nixed the clip.

The writers of TBBT have clearly not run out of ways to make the actors smile, laugh, and feel connected to these characters. I hope that was your experience of this episode too!

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