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Skin: A Feminist Manifesto

1 month ago

The body is a piece of literature, a memoir. It tells the story of the life within it. A baby is born an empty book:. scars from childhood explorations are recorded; stretch marks scrawl up the legs during puberty; surgery…

Grok News

Are the Days of Complimenting Women Over?

2 months ago

Recently Trump visited France, and when first meeting President Macron’s wife Brigitte, he took her hand and let her know she was “in good shape!”  Lots of outlets have reported this and some, interestingly enough, have called him out. Athletic…

Grok Culture

This Week in Women: From Crappy Healthcare to Star Wars

3 months ago

[Image source] It’s been a busy week with lots going on from politics to pop culture, so let’s take a minute to spin through five stories from this week that have popped up on our radar relating to women, and why we should…