18 ways you can support women and girls this Giving Tuesday

From protecting reproductive and maternal health to promoting education, here are 18 organizations that help women and girls
By Avital Norman Nathman  Published on 11/27/2018 at 11:37 AM EDT
This Giving Tuesday, set aside some time or money for organizations that help women and girls. Omar Lopez/UnSplash

Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday, and finally, the antidote… Giving Tuesday. Today, there is a global movement to donate to charities and nonprofits. After the weekend of consumerism, we pause and reflect on what is important to us and how we can better support those causes.

Money doesn’t necessarily have to be involved. Yes, the easiest way to participate today is to choose a charity close to your heart and send a check (or even easier, donate online!). But you can also donate items from around your home, as well as your time. Volunteering a few hours of your day/week/month can be a rewarding way to make a difference.

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While there are a variety of nonprofits doing amazing work in all sorts of areas, we wanted to focus on ones that are helping women and girls. From global groups to more localized efforts, spanning everything from healthcare to education, here are a few ways you can make an impact on women and girls this Giving Tuesday.

Help support girls and young women

These organizations are doing what they can to help protect girls and young women, so they can thrive and succeed. Consider making a donation to the following non-profits:

  1. Girls Not Brides. It’s 2018, and yet still, around the world, young girls are being captured and used as child brides, robbing them of their childhood and humanity. Help end that today by donating to this organization that is working to end child marriage and allow these girls to reach their full potential.
  2. Girls on the Run. This organization promotes running as a way of increasing girls’ joy, health and confidence. You can donate money or your time to help keep this successful group running smoothly.
  3. Black Girls Code. Bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to those who are most underrepresented, Black Girls Code encourages Black girls to excel in these various fields.
  4. Girls Inc. Inspiring girls to be “strong, smart and bold,” Girls Inc. hosts workshops and programming to inspire and encourage girls to be their best selves.
  5. Girl Scouts. You love their cookies, so why not support the girls and young women who sell them? The Girl Scouts prepares girls for a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure.

Help those experiencing domestic violence

There are a variety of organizations that focus on helping those impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. Consider donating to places like:

  1. INCITE! Women. This grassroots network of radical feminists of color organizes to end state violence and violence in homes and communities.
  2. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.
  3. End Rape on Campus (EROC). This survivor advocacy organization helps those on college campuses.
  4. FORGE. This group offers counseling, advocacy, and other services for transgender individuals who have been affected by transphobic sexual violence.

Help defend reproductive rights

It’s no secret that due to various state and national restrictions that many organizations that help people access reproductive health care are struggling. Many have had to close, leaving women without access to quality, affordable care. Consider donating to places such as:

  1. The Center for Reproductive Rights. This organization is currently suing the Trump administration to protect affordable birth control, taking states like Texas and Louisiana to court to defeat barriers to abortion care, and demanding that governments around the world respect reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right.
  2. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. This is the only national reproductive justice organization dedicated to advancing health, dignity, and justice for the 26 million Latinas, their families, and communities.
  3. Planned Parenthood. Every day, Planned Parenthood health centers care for more than 8,000 patients. However, their federal funding is continuously under attack. For many, Planned Parenthood is the only health care they can access.
  4. NARAL Pro-Choice America. This important organization works to ensure access to abortions, as well as funding for those who can’t afford one.
  5. Your local abortion fund. The National Network of Abortion Funds lists state and local organizations. These places usually require both financial and volunteer assistance.

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Help improve maternal and postpartum healthcare

The U.S. has one of the highest rates of maternal death among other similar countries, and our rate is one of the only ones that continues to increase. Help fix these tragic statistics by donating to organizations like:

  1. Every Mother Counts. Started by Christy Turlington Burns, EMC works to improve birthing conditions and maternal health policies so that every woman has a safe birth.
  2. Choices in Childbirth. This non-profit organization helps families make informed decisions about where, how, and with whom to birth, and ensure they have access to the full range of birth options.
  3. Sister Song. This Southern-based national organization works to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.
  4. Ancient Song Doula Services. This full spectrum evidence-based doula care organization is focused on the doula as preventative care in underserved communities.

Looking for something more local?

Start by talking to your neighbors to find out about nearby organizations in need. You can also look for organizations by location on the Giving Tuesday website.

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