Grok Parenting

An Open Letter to Mean Parents

1 day ago

As my sons near their 8th and 11th birthdays, I have been feeling sentimental, thinking about all of the past experiences of this year and of the past years of their lives. It’s a remarkable thing to watch people you…

Grok Culture

Pride 2016: A GrokNation Special Section

6 days ago

From the Editor: Stories are words, faces, images, wounds, salves, memories. Stories that we tell about ourselves help other people to see us. And sometimes, those same stories about ourselves can help others see who they are. We had wanted to…

Grok Culture

Pride 2016: Empty Chairs at My Wedding

6 days ago

Empty Chairs at My Wedding by Shay Benjamin I was in my own musical reverie, headphones on, purchasing some dinner ingredients in a neighborhood store, when I happened to look up and glimpse an acquaintance, an Orthodox woman, doing her…

Grok Faith

Pride 2016: A Mother’s Story

6 days ago

A Mother’s Story by Deborah Engel Kollin On a warm night, three years ago, my then 12-year-old son Yoni would not come into the house after we got home from dinner. Yoni tends to be emotional, so I assumed he…

Grok News

Pride 2016: LGBTQ Labels in a Violent World

6 days ago

LGBTQ Labels in a Violent World by Erica Snyder On June 1st, GrokNation reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a piece in honor of Pride, which, duh, I was. But on June 12, a…