Grok Culture

Giving Hope to Sexual Abuse Victims

3 days ago

A few weeks ago I saw a speech given by a woman who was a survivor of incest. She was sharing her story at a convention organized by Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an organization that brings attention to and combats child sexual…

Grok Hollywood

Emmys 2016: Not Being Nominated

4 days ago

[Image: Mayim after the 2015 Emmys, curbside and ready for pickup. ]   Last week, for the first time in the past five years, I did not receive an Emmy nomination for best supporting actress.  I’m not going to lie and…

Grok Culture

Weird Al at the Hollywood Bowl

4 days ago

As Mayim wrote here last year when GrokNation was a newly-born site, she loves Weird Al and has for a really long time, and often uses it as a barometer in identifying people that she might become friends with: if…

Grok News

Election Season: 5 Ways to Stay Sane

7 days ago

Election season: Attack ads. Scathing articles. Name-calling. There’s no doubt we’re in the throes of it. And if you’re anything like me, you’re over it. Maybe you’ve even Googled “immigration to Canada”…well…I feel you, dogg. #FistBumpEmoji We can make the…

Grok Culture

Mayim’s Vlog: Jokes!

1 week ago

In last week’s teaser video, you heard Mayim say, “I think what you’ll find surprising and possibly disturbing is that what I think is funny is actually maybe not funny at all”. Despite what Mayim says, if you watch the video…