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The Weekly WHAT???: A GrokNation News Roundup

3 days ago

So, what happened this week? In this frenetic news environment it’s hard to keep track. While we hate that there has to be a section called “Sexual Harassment, Assault and Abuse Update,” it’s important to hear the stories of victims and…

Grok Parenting

An Imperfect Mom Confessional

4 days ago

I burned the frozen vegetables. I burned the frozen vegetables because my dog was insanely barking and I had to put her in her crate upstairs and then my toddler was crying and asking me to read a book and…

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Lefties Are Different and Beautiful

5 days ago

I was always different. As a child, I was exceptionally short, a foot shorter than the shortest kid in every one of my classes through high school. I had large features and a weird sense of humor. My mom tried…

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What You Can Do About Gun Violence

6 days ago

Photo Source: Unsplash The US experiences more mass shootings than any other country. With over 270 million guns and 90 mass shooters from 1966 to 2012, the time for “thoughts and prayers” has passed. What this country needs now is…

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How Chronic Migraines Changed How I Live and Parent

7 days ago

When I got married at 37, I was suffering from migraine headaches five to six times a month. Migraine symptoms include excruciating head pain, photophobia, phonophobia, sensitivity to smell, eyesight changes, food cravings, fatigue and mood changes. I also had…