Grok Faith

Save A Child’s Heart Improves Worldwide Pediatric Care

4 days ago

Save A Child’s Heart is Israel’s largest international humanitarian organization. SACH improves pediatric care in developing countries around the world by performing heart surgery on children in Israel and by doing medical missions to developing countries. SACH also trains medical…

Grok Faith

No Selfies at the Holocaust Memorial, Please

5 days ago

[Photo: A photo taken by the author of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin] “How much of the Holocaust do you want on this trip?” I asked my boyfriend while planning our trip to Berlin last November. This alarmingly point-blank question…

Grok Faith

Donating My Kidney

6 days ago

More than a year ago, I made one of the most consequential decisions of my life: more important than pursuing a course of doctoral studies, or becoming a social justice activist, or even being ordained as a rabbi. I wanted…