Grok Women

Learning to Befriend Women

3 days ago

I never got along with women. It’s not that I was a tomboy growing up, or didn’t want to be their friends. It’s just that I felt like I never fit in with them. I wasn’t “one of the girls.”…

Grok Women

Feminism 101: Talking To Kids About Appearance

3 days ago

Welcome back to Feminism 101, where our awesome crew of feminist friends – including Mayim – answer your questions. “How do you talk to children about appearances/physical attractiveness? Like if they ask about why women wear makeup, why they have…

Grok Hollywood

Marcie Leeds: From Movies to Medicine

4 days ago

After nearly 20 years apart, Mayim had lunch with Marcie Leeds, who – as a child – had played the young Barbara Hershey to Mayim’s young Bette Midler in the movie “Beaches.” While Mayim went on to “Blossom,” and ultimately…

Grok News

Silly Walks

5 days ago

Hello all! We are midway through our second week of fundraising for NAMI and NAMIWalks Los Angeles and it’s been so much fun already! Today I am excited to release the second in our continuing video series of me walking…