Feminism 101: How Does a Feminist Celebrate the New Year?

Find out how some of our favorite feminists plan to ring in 2017
By Avital Norman Nathman  Published on 12/30/2016 at 10:00 AM EST

For many, 2016 was one big dumpster fire. From all the amazing luminaries that left us to being saddled with a president-elect who lost the popular vote by millions (and whose loudest fans are White Nationalists). It’s enough to drive many to the brink. However, 2017 looms ahead, and with it brings promise and the hope of change.

If there’s one thing that feminists understand, it’s pushing through adversity to achieve what they’re fighting for. So, in 2017 the fight will only ramp up as threats to reproductive healthcare, marginalized communities, and the environment increase. But before that happens, we have to say buh-bye to 2016 and ring in 2017. But, just how does a feminist celebrate New Year’s Eve? We asked our cabal of feminists what they’ll be up to.

How does a feminist celebrate the New Year?

Danielle Corcione:Doing whatever they want!

Katie Klabusich:This feminist is going to ring in the New Year with my adoring, spectacular new couple. She and I will be sipping champagne; he’ll be pouring; all three of us will be celebrating living our best polyamorous lives!”

Amanda Rose Adams:Throwing some logs on the fire pit on New Year’s Eve and roasting slips of paper bearing memories and bad habits better left in the past. Not so much resolving to do better but embracing new ways to approach life.”

Maisha Z. Johnson:All I know is that some point while I’m preparing for the celebration, I’ll be dancing to Prince in the mirror and telling myself I look damn good, because this is the time for some self-love to to counter all of the New Year’s diet pressures!”

Jen Selk:Misandry (and mimosas at midnight, of course).”

Awanthi Vardaraj:It’s been a clusterfuck of a year for me personally, so I’m going to ring in the new year by cremating this one and then dancing around in its ashes whilst imbibing vodka and listening to O Fortuna. Happy 2017 to us all – may it truly be amazing for all the right reasons.”

Jasmine Banks:Besides drinking the tears of my victims from 2016, planning how to disrupt all White Feminists, and avoiding all fun because fun is problematic? Just kidding…. I’m still going to have fun. By fun I mean pass out in my sweatpants with my mouth open before midnight.”

Rachael Berkey:I’m spending NYE with the friend family I’ve found in New York City. The holidays are crazy and busy, and we haven’t seen each other outside ridiculous text-chains in weeks. Now we’re exchanging messages of ‘Can’t wait to see your faces’ and silly GIFs as we anticipate an evening in, local news to watch the ball drop, and copious amounts of food and drink. Happy New Years! Tell your friends you love them. I try to every day.”

Brianna Meeks Cox:I will be at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida getting my whole fucking life at Harry Potter World. Will be Instagramming and Snapchatting (@itsbrimeeks) my nerdy delight.”

Avital Norman Nathman:My New Year’s Eve always includes the annual burning of the bra and planning the matriarchal revolution of course. Nah, just kidding. My New Year’s Eve is pretty much the same as everyone else: surrounded by good friends, delicious food, and setting off some possibly illegal fireworks (while we curse the patriarchy for making them hard to get, obviously).

Aja Barber: “I’m going to make a list of adult-like things I need to do in order to take my writing to the next level and then I’m going to write like my life depends on it. Because with the state of things currently, it sort of does. I’m going to wish all my friends a wonderful 2017 and then we’re going to put our heads down and get to work.”

Natasha Chiam: “Donning my vest of power and refusing to back down until the Empire is overthrown! And figuring out how to be the best accomplice I can be for marginalized people, and using my platform and privilege for ALL OF THE ABOVE.

And then I’ll probably watch Sound of Music, because #tradition.”

Erin Zwiener: “I’m making flower arrangements for a lesbian wedding and then dance partying with the brides until midnight!”

Mayim Bialik:A feminist celebrates the New Year plotting the revolution with men and women of all colors, all religious and sexual preferences and all socioeconomic backgrounds, toasting to the women who have made history by not behaving the way we are told to. We also spend the New Year scrolling through the Twitter account of Mona Eltahaway, the Egyptian feminist who bravely tells men that unless they are in her vagina because she asked them to be there, stay the f$#! out.”


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