Create your own cozy reading nook

Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good book in a space made for reading
By Natalie Koch  Published on 09/26/2018 at 10:30 AM EST

Every person who loves to read deserves a special place to retreat that belongs only to them—a cozy reading nook packed with blankets, pillows, candles and all their favorite books. Do you have one? If not, here’s how you can turn any corner in your living space into the perfect spot to curl up and read the latest novel.

A comfy chair

You may already have the perfect chair or couch for your reading nook, and if you do, that’s great! But if you’re in need of a cozy spot to plant yourself as you’re turning pages consider a bean bag chair. These days it’s easy to find a structured bean bag chair like this one, which makes getting in and out of it a little more graceful. Plus, when you’re not using it, you can easily tuck it away.

A soft blanket

If you don’t already have a big, soft blanket to curl up with—what are you waiting for?

A literary candle

Candles just add that extra something to the reading experience. This one from Etsy seller Old Castle Candles is called ‘Dear Fictional Character,’ which is pretty cute.

An ottoman

You need a place to rest your feet while reading, and this ottoman actually doubles as storage (for blankets or books!) and a tray!

A bookshelf

If you have space, maybe consider a small bookshelf to rest your latest reads. A little two-shelf like this one is perfect for cozy storage.

A reading light

Don’t go straining your eyes! Read late into the night with the perfect light. Set it on your bookshelf, or opt for a floor lamp.

A fun bookmark

Do you dog-ear your pages or faithfully bookmark? We won’t judge either way, but these laser engraved, wooden bookmarks are pretty out of this world. (Get it? Star Wars?)

A bookish mug

Sip your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from a mug representing your favorite fictional world. We chose this Harry Potter mug with a Platform 9 3/4 ticket on it!

A relaxing tea

Speaking of tea, this Afternoon Tea set is the perfect way to unwind as you’re turning pages.

Photo by freestocks.org/Unsplash
Your book of choice

The most important part of any reading nook is the reading material. Not sure what book to pick next? Here are suggestions from our readers!

What would you add to your reading nook? Let us know!

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