Feminism 101 summer music jam: Our favorite songs for the summer

Summer tunes you can feministically groove to
By Avital Norman Nathman  Published on 06/09/2017 at 8:30 AM EDT

Summer is almost upon us, which means many of us are sourcing some sweet sounds to mark the soundtrack of the season. And, despite tired stereotypes to the contrary, feminists love music! We’re not all sitting around burning our bras and snuggling our eighty cats (ok, a bunch of us do have lots of cats, I’ll admit that). When we’re not busy trying to topple down the patriarchy, we love getting down to some kickass beats. So, with summer just about here, we had to ask our cabal of fabulous feminists:

What’s your favorite “summer jam”?!

Sarah Buttenwieser:Well, first is strawberry. I like to make some with lime zest. Nothing is the pinnacle of summer like the trajectory from strawberry to raspberry to stone fruits.”

Lynn B. Johnson:My hub and I went to an ACLU benefit at Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom this past Saturday night and the opening band, WOMANTRA, was AMAZING. Their frontwoman had amazing range and such control… I’m going to be streaming these tunes from WOMANTRA all summer. I hope they post the Portishead cover that closed their set. ‘Shut Up Dad!’ was another high point.”

Sa’iyda Shabazz:Katy Perry — ‘Chained to the Rhythm.’ The video is also awesome.

Ki Russell:It’s not a new song by any means, but M.I A.’s ‘Paper Planes’ has been helping me cope with all sorts of self-doubt situations this spring/summer.”

Jennifer Pozner:I seem to always listen to Michael Franti ‘Say Hey (I Love You)’ on loop every summer.”

Katie Klabusich:My summer jam is by my close feminist friend, ‘sparkling, glittery ’60s piano diva’ Normandie Wilson. ‘I’m Doing Fine’ is an upbeat song that feels as breezy as the season. And on my rough days (and let’s be real, there are plenty in this Trumpian news cycle), I channel her song ‘The Art of Revenge.’

Allison Smartt:Tank and the Bangas!

Joanna Valente:I’m always about Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Summertime.

Rachael Berkey:Machu Picchu’ Neon Dreams

‘Toothbrush’ – DNCE

‘New Religion’ – The Heydaze

‘Under Covers’ – LeRiche

‘Wrote My Way Out’ – Hamilton Mixtape

These have been on constant rotation for my playlists the last few weeks. There’s nothing feminist about any of these…but I’d be happy to go off on my own inability to not stalk people on Spotify and listen to their playlists and read too much into their song choices in a very unfeminist way with you. LOL”

Patricia Valoy:Being that I will be hugely pregnant and will probably walk around fanning my inner thighs, this summer my jam is all about loving myself, my body, and my quirks, just like the little girl in ‘Soy Yo’ by Bomba Esteréo. This song is not just fun to listen to, it’s about appreciating your unique self and not being afraid of showing off what you got. I can’t think of a more feminist summer jam than ‘Soy Yo!'”

Avital Norman Nathman:My ultimate jam for this summer (and my new anthem if I’m being honest) is ‘Thunder Thighs’ by Miss Eaves. I love everything about it, from the message of the song to its beat, and killer video. This is the summer of Feminasty for sure.”

Mayim Bialik:Mostly Neko Case and other such lesbian-friendly musicians. I also have some mixes I have made on iTunes that I love.”





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