Fun ways to wear white tees for days (and days)

Try these easy projects to customize T-shirts. No sewing necessary—and you'll have a variety of styling options for plain white tees.
By Andrea Linett  Published on 05/18/2018 at 10:30 AM EDT

Welcome to our little D.I.Y. lab where we show you how to breathe new life into your wardrobe just by tweaking what you might already have. First up: the white tee. We bought a couple of packs of super cheap classic men’s white T-shirts at a blowout bargain store on Clinton Street on New York’s Lower East Side–both V-neck and crewneck–and went to town customizing them for every mood. Here are some good ones. No sewing required!

P.S. Our model is Leigh Shoemaker, model and stylist and vintage aficionado, a transplanted Canadian who lives in the East Village in NYC. Click through below to see our creations, then try it at home, and post your pictures in the comments.

Michael Waring
Wrap Top

Trim the hem off and save the fabric for a belt. Then cut the front from neck to hem. Then cut up halfway on one side from hem to waist. Next wrap that “belt” that you’ve just created around your waist and tie in a knot. Et voila.

Shop the look: Skinny jeans in light indigo, $69.50; Orange sandals, $88


Michael Waring

Cut the whole shirt from neck to hem and tie over a black tee. Shop the look: Wide pants, $89.50; Black cotton tee, $19.95; Menswear oxfords, $375.

Michael Waring
Peek-a-boo back

Cut the back of the tee from the bottom to the middle and tie in a knot for a slightly-cheesy-yet fun ’80s feeling. Shop the look: Jeans as before, $69.50.

Michael Waring

Buy a box of indigo dye, mix it up and throw in your tee for a slightly bohemian vibe. Don’t worry about it all being exactly one perfect color. The variation is what makes it cool. Shop the look: Indigo dye kit, Patched jeans, $148; and another pair in larger sizes, $89.00

Michael Waring
Pussy bow?

Cut the hem off and tie it around your neck, secretary style. Shop the look: Simple skirt, $39.99; Pointy pumps, $129.

Michael Waring

Twist the hem and bring to the center of the V, secure with a pin. Shop the look: Black tube skirt, $55; Strappy sandals, $49.98.


Take the same tee as shown in figure 2 and wear like a long cardigan with a skinny belt. Shop the look: Long hippie dress, $148; Skinny leather belt, $29.90; Sandals, $99.95.

Michael Waring

Cut the tee slightly from the hem to not quite the middle to one side and knot (also GREAT for pregnant women!) Shop the look: Long tiered skirt in all sizes, $39.99.


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