Vlog #12: A 21st Century Dating Quiz for Mayim

Chad tests Mayim's knowledge of modern dating etiquette, emojis and more!
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 12/01/2016 at 10:00 AM EDT

Warning – this whole post is North South Freaking West. But we less than three it. (If that didn’t make sense, then you’re the only person who reads these text posts before clicking ‘play’ on the video posts. And we less than three YOU for that too, sending you a green heart emoji right now, we promise.)

We love how Mayim knows so much about SO MANY things, but so little about other things. First there was the whole lack-of-pop-culture-knowledge thing, then the “I’m a low-tech mom” thing, and now…there’s the modern dating thing!

As Mayim correctly notes, it’s a dating jungle out there today, and there’s lots to get confused about. Dating is for sure not what it used to be, with all the swiping and clicking on dating websites and apps, texting and vanishing without a word…

In this week’s vlog, Mayim’s friend Chad decided to quiz her on the topic…avid swipers, online daters and old-fashioned holdouts, this vlog is fun and educational for all!

Sending out a big less than three to all of you!


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