We all know Mayim is super-smart. She’s on a TV show where they talk about science, technology and pop culture constantly: it’s superheroes and internet and Star Wars and Star Trek, all the time. And in real life, Dr. Mayim has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. (Most of you regulars already know this.) Mayim knows lots of things, and thinks a lot.

But does Mayim know pop culture? What about the latest technology? Has she seen those classic memes that we all take for granted?

This is the pop quiz Mayim never got in graduate school. And based on these funny results, it’s safe to say she should study pop culture and technology a bit more before the next pop quiz happens. An unconfirmed rumor has it that GN editor Esther K is currently putting together a pop culture curriculum and technology crash course – complete with flash cards – that will help Mayim prep for her next pop quiz trivia battle. Think of an 80s style training montage – Rocky-style – but with pop culture facts and memes instead of running up and down stairs in preparation. (Just realizing it’s possible that reference to Rocky may not mean anything to Mayim – in which case it will be the first topic they tackle in this pop culture Ph.D. class.)

How did she score? Did she receive a prize? Is that prize really a prize? See for yourself!