Anti-Gun violence activism 101: Where? What? When?

From walkouts to boycotts to marches, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming anti-gun violence events
By Avital Norman Nathman  Published on 03/13/2018 at 9:42 AM EDT
Around 200 students from South High School protest recent gun violence and call for gun law reform at Minneapolis City Hall in Minnesota. Fibonacci Blue

The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School changed the way this country talks about (and hopefully, legislates) firearms. Due to the tireless activism of the surviving students, anti-gun violence events and actions have sprung up all over the place. Here’s the 411 on what’s happening, where, when, and how you can participate.

#Enough National School Walkout

When: March 14
More info: Organized by the Women’s March Youth Empower group, the #Enough National School Walkout takes place exactly a month after the Parkland, FL school shooting. Students (and anyone who supports them) are encouraged to walk out of school at 10AM local time for 17 minutes, a minute for each life taken at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. For more details, visit

March for Our Lives

When: March 24
More info: This march on DC is being organized by high school students who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It has already raised millions of dollars in support and over 500,000 are anticipated in DC. There will be local marches around the country the same day, so if you can’t make it to DC, check out where one will be happening by you.  

National Day of Action to Stop Gun Violence

When: April 20 (chosen because it is the anniversary of the Columbine shooting)
More info: The Network for Public Education (an advocacy group that works to preserve, promote, improve and strengthen public schools) is calling for a national day of action in hopes of ending gun violence. They’re asking folks to wear orange in support, as well as organize or attend an event near you. Check out their site for action items anyone can take, from elementary to high school students, as well as activities that can be done before or after school that day.  

Boycott Business Still Doing Business With the NRA

When: All the time!
More info: One way to help push change along is to make noise with our money. Refuse to shop at stores or use brands that still offer discounts and perks to NRA members. While individual members may not be the problem, the organization as a whole has more of an interest in loosening and expanding gun culture instead of fighting for the lives of children. So far, it’s been working. As of March 2nd,  almost 20 companies had stopped offering discounts or special programs to the NRA.

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