Mayim’s Modest & Alluring Burkini-Inspired Swim Fashion Show! (VIDEO)

New swimsuits "to make you - and most importantly, those around you - comfortable"
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 09/01/2016 at 1:03 PM EDT

“I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable…”

If you’re like us, you’ve been following the “Burkini ban” news – where modestly dressed Muslim women were banned from French beaches for their swimwear; now the ban has been overturned in many places, but the fact remains that there are several issues embedded in this story: the rise of Islamophobia (including fear of those who dress in a way that identifies them as Muslim), and a government (and men) deciding that women are not dressed appropriately (whatever they determine that means – in this case it means “too covered,” but in other cases, might mean “not covered enough”), or that modest women’s dress is by definition “oppressive” and not their own choice.

So how can women dress to their own comfort level while satisfying society’s needs to see women in figure-defining swimwear? Mayim and friends Bethany Dwyer, Chanel Cross, and Lisa Schurga gathered poolside for a swimwear fashion show and video shoot (by sassy young director/video visionary Chad Jamian) that skewers the idea that women need to dress to make others comfortable…you won’t want to miss this satirical video.

Of course, since we’re GrokNation and Mayim is Mayim, she’ll break down the issues for you after the fun video. Plus, stay tuned after the credits for a special athletic moment with Lisa. Enjoy!

Grok With Us:

  • Have you been following the “burkini ban” stories? Has the issue had an effect on you, how you look at the world or how you dress?
  • Here at GrokNation we have categories for our posts, but occasionally can’t decide which is the main category for a particular story – do you think this post belongs more in Culture, Faith, Women or News? And why?
  • What kind of swimwear makes you comfortable?
  • Have you ever tried, or seen someone who wore, modest swimwear? How did it make you feel?
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