Fun Hanukkah items to brighten up your holiday

From funky menorahs to pet PJs, these are some of our favorite finds for the Festival of Lights
By Avital Norman Nathman  Published on 11/28/2018 at 10:47 AM EDT

Hanukkah is almost upon us, and while many of us are pulling out and dusting off our family menorahs to bring in the Jewish holiday of lights, others may be looking to change things up. Many use simple metallic menorahs (Hanukkah candelabras) to hold candles for eight nights, but others seek something with a bit more personality.

Thankfully, there are menorahs and dreidels out there to suit every single taste from fun and funky to sleek and shiny. In addition, Christmas themed red and green are no longer the only colors you see in stores during the holiday season. There seems to have been an explosion in Hanukkah decor, clothes, and more!

Here are our top 10 picks when it comes to the most fun and unique Hanukkah swag.

Circuit Board Menorah

Want to show off your nerdy side? You’ll have eight nights to do so with this menorah made out of circuit board. Not only do you get to let your geek flag fly, but you’ll be going green as the circuit boards are being repurposed!

Purchase a Circuit Board Menorah for $30 from Ten Thousand Villages.

Dreidel Lights

Want to light up your decorations? Check out these dreidel-shaped hanging lights. Perfect for stringing up on your door, entryway, or above your menorah!

Purchase a 10-light dreidel set for $22 at Hayneedle.

Star of David Cake Pan

Are you a fan of The Great British Bake Off and want to display your sponge skills for your Hanukkah crowd? Use this Star of David-shaped cake pan to create a true holiday masterpiece fit for Paul and Prue!

Purchase the cake pan for $40 at Sur La Table.

Pop Culture Menorahs

The menorahs from Eclectic Judaica provide an amazing mix of tradition and pop culture. From current favorites like Moana and Paw Patrol, to more nostalgic choices like The Muppets, there is a menorah to suit every taste.

Purchase a menorah from Eclectic Judaica on Etsy.

Hanukkah Sweater

Why should folks who celebrate Christmas get all the fun? Now there are ugly sweaters for all the holidays, including Hanukkah. From a variety of cute phrases like “Challah at Your Girl” to “Get Lit,” you can join any ugly holiday sweater contest with pride.

Purchase a Let’s Get Lit shirt for $26 on Amazon.


Kids and adults alike will delight in this prehistoric menorah that will take center stage at any Hanukkah gathering. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make one yourself by spray painting a toy dinosaur and using heat safe glue, attach either clay or metal rings to hold the candles. Lisa Pierce from The Vanilla Studio suggest using screws to reinforce the candle holders as well as putting something insulating or some distance between the rings and the plastic dinosaur to avoid shape-shifting or flaming from too-hot plastic.

Purchase a Menorasaurus for $95 from The Vanilla Studio on Etsy.

Design Your Own Dreidels

Can’t find the dreidel of your dreams? Why not design your own? This bag of 10 wooden dreidels offers up endless opportunity to express your creativity.

Purchase a bag of 10 dreidels for $15 on Amazon.

Mini Lava Lamp Menorah

Get groovy with this adorable menorah made out of miniature lava lamps. Perfect for setting a sweet mood, these little lava lamps will certainly make a distinct impression when you light them up all week long.

Purchase a mini lava lamp menorah for $54 from Margaret’s Menorahs on Etsy.

Hanukkah PJs… for your dog!

These pet pajamas have little menorahs on them, so everyone can get into the holiday spirit… if dressing your dog in people clothes is the kind of thing you do.

Purchase pajamas for $9 from Target.

Hanukkah-Themed Pasta

While Hanukkah-themed pasta shapes are not essential to your celebration, I had to include these because it’s as exciting as stumbling across your name on a tourist magnet when your name is Avital!

Purchase two bags for $3 at World Market.

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