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Why I Vote Democratic

A post about my political beliefs
By Mayim Bialik     Published on 02/13/2016 at 8:00 AM EDT

I write a lot here on a lot of different topics. But Ive been conspicuously quiet about politics, until now. With the political race heating up, I found myself wanting to share my political viewpoints.

As many of you already know, I am a liberal and I am a Democrat. I am also socially conservative, which isnt the same thing as being politically conservative. So on major issues like the death penalty, access to birth control and things like that, i fall under the liberaldesignation. However, you can also see my socially conservative side  – I dress modestly, I promote less rather than more control over what music my kids listen to and what movies they see, I believe in parents deciding when their kids should learn about condoms and such rather than allowing schools to tell me when my kid should be learning about that sort of thing, etc. – I am what is generally referred to as a bleeding-heart liberal.” 

A lot of people post a lot of mean things on my social media about me being the source of the problems in this country because I am a liberal. So, for example, I support unions because my grandparents were immigrants and were buoyed through their immigration and struggles to make it in a country where they didnt speak the language, either literally or figuratively. But a lot of conservatives believe collective bargaining ruins capitalism. And a lot of unions are corrupt and made up of lower classes which the conservatives typically see as weak and needing to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Also, unions tend to protect workers who need it, but a lot of times that includes people who otherwise would be let go. Unions err on the side of protection but many conservatives dont like how unions function now.

I support womens right to do whatever they want with babies in their tummy even if I personally believe that a fetus is a human life. Thats because I believe in the ethic of letting people do what they want with their lives and their bodies is a liberal human right.

Speaking of human rights, another liberal thing about me is that I dont support the death penalty because I dont think humane societies should kill people. I dont believe in But they did so-and-so and lets get eventhinking. And in case you think I am a lone liberal lunatic, here is the list of the countries that use the death penalty. Note that there are no Western democratic countries in this list:

  • IRAN
  • IRAQ

Another super liberal thing about me is the belief that it is the responsibility of a countrys wealthier people to help a countrys less wealthy people. Its called being helpful because you are a human being. I believe in taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and I dont exclude myself from that equation. Some people consider it good business to be Republican, and even some whose values may be more liberal, may align themselves with the Republicans because they don’t like Democratic tax policies.

We are human beings on this planet to have purpose, to help others, to make the world a better place, and to contribute to the progress of our species. Not to collect money and things.

But thats just my opinion.

So when it comes to elections, I vote democratic (when I vote. See this GrokNation post for some of the reasons I find voting very complicated.) I am one of the approximate 2/3 of the country who votes the party line no matter what. Thats right: only about 1/3 of voters actually could go either way. The rest of us like what we like, party-wise, no matter what. (This is something my ex-husband who is A) very smart and B) has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Political Science told me.)

So I am going to either have Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as my candidate this year and thats super-fine by me. Which one do I prefer?

Honestly, I am a second-wave feminist and I sort of wave the Hillary flag no matter what. Sure, her business dealings are shady. What politicians arent? Sure, she has some muddy stuff in her closets. What politician doesnt? And just because it needs to be said, if she was a man, I dont think anyone would care about any of that standard politician stuff.I think a lot of people are not ready for a woman President. We have come a long way, but women are still perceived and pervasively represented as emotional, moody, temperamental and unpredictable.

I believe that Hillary is the most qualified person for the job. She has been in the White House (some say she was the Clinton really running the show when Bill was our President), she is a strong and seasoned politician with a tremendous knowledge and understanding of the world and how it works, and if she had a penis, there would be no question about who to vote for if youre a Democrat. I love a lot of things about Bernie and I wish he and Hillary could run together honestly. (Why cant they?)

I suppose if you like Republican policy, any Republican will do. I will say that I honestly do not understand how a billionaire who is best known for his reality TV show is a possible and if the New Hampshire primary is any indication, a potentially viable – candidate. I dont see him as a qualified politician. I dont think he could take seriously the myriad problems our country has or the international challenges we come up against as Americans. I just dont get it. I am frustrated by the circus nature of this campaign already; the way people talk about it, its like we are watching a reality show.

I think its important to remember that this country and the system of this government were established for a handful of colonies and a very small number of people. Our country has grown and our system really hasnt; at least, not in the way I think it ought to.

I dont know. Im not a politician and I wouldnt want to be.

I think I know who Im voting for. But I do hope we all come out of this election a stronger, smarter and more efficient America, no matter who wins or how!

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