November Editor’s Note: Why we should talk about the weather more

Fall is the perfect time for moderate temperatures—and voting!
By Christina Kelly  Published on 11/01/2018 at 1:55 PM EDT
My husband took this pic of me on Halloween, and in case you were wondering, the weather was sunny and warm!

Readers of Grok Nation, hello from my balcony! That’s my favorite tree. I just love the foliage, and look at all of those fallen leaves. Guess what? According to this post, I don’t need to rake them! By letting them sit, I save my energy and the environment.

Fall is my second favorite season, after spring, due to moderate temperatures, which brings me to my favorite topic: the weather. I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER. First of all, I am super sensitive to fluctuations in weather. I prefer a temperature range of 65 degrees to 75 degrees, no humidity and definitely no precipitation. No no no! Since the kind of weather I require rarely appears in Northern New Jersey, where I live, there are 10 to 20 days when conditions are optimal. As my mood is completely tied to weather, my baseline emotional state is always just a little off due to a high or low temperature, humidity, wind, snow or, heaven forbid, a “wintry mix.”

Discussing weather is one of my favorite pastimes. Not merely because of my obsession, but also because it’s a topic you can get into with anyone! In these troubled times, we all need something to draw us closer, and that, I submit, is some pleasantries exchanged about the chilly breeze, gloomy clouds, or unseasonably warm temperature. Just last week, I was at the post office mailing a package to my boss, award-winning actress, author and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik. The postal clerk and I were going through the motions of the transaction, when I said: “The sun is so bright today, but the breeze is so cold.” Immediately she perked up! “I know,” she said, “I ran across the street in just my shirt and I about froze to death.” We were both smiling and laughing, all because of the connection the weather had forged.

For the same reason, I live for a newspaper article about the weather. I love tracking how much precipitation we have, and comparing it to what is normal. I also adore watching news segments where the correspondent does “person on the street” interviews asking people how they feel about the heat, cold, snow, or whatever. My husband thinks it’s a bunch of nothing, but I can’t look away!

During this month which contains my two favorite days, Election Day and Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the weather and the opportunity to chat with people about it while waiting in line at the polls. Another hobby of mine: voting! It’s the best. I don’t miss an election, and we live in a town where there are weird primaries for local elections at random times, and I am always there! I hope you plan to vote as well. If you don’t feel informed about propositions or what have you, go to this link that my close friend SueAnne sent me. And look out for a piece we have going up next week about some badass candidates.

I hope you vote, and that the weather cooperates.

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