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By Natalie Koch  Published on 10/24/2018 at 11:01 AM EST
Image: Jeremy Galliani/Unsplash

We love to talk about amazing people who inspire us—political figures, artists, actors, activists—and we like to call them badasses. We believe that talking about people who make a difference can inspire others to go out and effect change in their own communities, too.

Today we’d like to open up the floor and ask you who you think is a badass. Maybe it’s someone you look up to but have never met, maybe it’s your local mayor, or maybe it’s your child’s fifth-grade teacher. Whoever they are, let us know what makes them worthy of the badass title!

If you comment with a Disqus account we may even reach out to you so we can feature your nominee on Grok Nation (so make sure your notifications are on!). You can also email your nominations to

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