Howl-iday gifts for your pets

Leave your pets something nice in their stockings this holiday!
By Natalie Koch  Published on 12/12/2018 at 4:20 PM EDT

Whether you say Meowy Christmas or Happy Pawnukkah, your pets shouldn’t feel left out during the holidays. If your pet is anything like my dog, tearing into the wrapping paper will be more fun than anything else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put something special inside. We came up with a few fun ideas to treat your pet with this season that you can scroll through below. Don’t forget to give them an extra belly rub from us!

Catnip filled fortune cookies

“You will find a sunny spot in the living room today.”

“Beware the paper grocery bag—it is not your friend.”

“Catfucious say: your owner is not your owner, you are theirs.”

Your feline friends will thank you for these catnip stuffed cookies, even if they can’t read the fortunes!

Purchase on UnCommon Goods for $24.


UGG Sherpa bed and pajamas

Even though they’re covered in fur, your pets like to be warm and cozy, too. Let them snuggle up in the Sherpa lined bed with a matching pajama set! The hood, the booties—what could be cuter?

Purchase from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $49.99 / $19.99

Museum of Ice Cream treats

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve seen images from the Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up venue that celebrates what we all scream about. Here, you can get your pooch in on the sweetness. The MOIC has made three ice cream squeaky toys, including this vanilla swirl.

Purchase on the MOIC shop for $15.

Metal embossed pet IDs

Your pet’s ID tag doesn’t have to be boring! A hand stamped metal tag ensures they’ll get home safe and look good doing it.

Purchase on Etsy from Shop Lemon Tree for $8.99.

Nice Kitty Cat Toy Gift Set

Better than a stocking, this box is chock full of festive cat toys. And any cat, will have fun playing with the box itself, too!

Purchase at Petco for $9.99.

Ugly Christmas pet sweater

This sweater is billed as an “ugly Christmas sweater,” but it looks pretty darn cute. It has tassles! What could be more distracting for your pet than tassles? With sizes to fit both cats and dogs, your whole family will fit right in at the Ugly-but-actually-adorable Christmas sweater party.

Purchase at Target for $9.99.

Paw print ornament kit

If your pet has a paw, it can make an impression—dog, cat, rabbit, ferret…the list goes on. Imagine how sweet this ornament will look on your tree! This also makes a great gift for your aunt with six cats, though you may want to send her a few kits.

Purchase on PaperSource for $14.95.

Gingerbread Dog Treat Gift Set

These treats are a gift sure to make your pup’s tail wag on Christmas morning. Plus, they’re shaped like gingerbread people so they won’t feel left out!

Purchase at Petco for $16.99.

Taco cat bed

Your gato will love this silly taco bed. It’s comfy, handmade, and ready for cat naps.

Purchase on UnCommon Goods for $48.

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