Add a pop of art with these standout wallpapers

There are many to choose from, but these are some of our favorites
By Dalene Rovenstine  Published on 02/26/2019 at 10:00 AM EDT

Just like with fashion, in home décor, sometimes what’s old is new again. And that’s certainly true with wallpaper. Available in a range of sizes, designs and colors, there are hundreds of wallpapers available on the market—and there’s certainly one that could fit your home.

Sometimes you don’t need a piece of artwork, you just need a piece of paper to mix up your tired living room; or a fancy print to affordably renovate a room; or a splash of color in the office to make the work-from-home days less dull. We have gathered our favorite prints below. Check them out!

Fiji Gardens

Get the tropical vibe no matter where you live with this Fiji Gardens print—available in black and white.

Purchase a 27-foot roll from Anthropologie for $78. 

Graham & Brown Damask

This wallpaper not only looks great, but serves a dual purpose: Because of the damask texture, you can cover up a wall with cracks or imperfections and no one’s the wiser!

Purchase an 11-yard roll from Home Depot for $46.17.

Orange Harvest

Not ready to commit to a fully patterned wall? Try removable wallpaper, like this burst of citrus. Available in a 48-inch by 24-inch segments, you can cut up for use in smaller spaces or test out an entire wall.

Purchase from Urban Outfitters for $59.

Distressed Floral

Although the name says “distressed,” this wallpaper will add a touch of new to any wall in hour home.

Purchase a 27-foot roll in gray or navy from Anthropologie for $108.

Misty Forest

Turn your bedroom into a moody forest escape with this ethereal wall mural. Best of all, when you get tired of it, it simply peels off and you can try a different setting.

Purchase the 6-foot x 54-inch mural from Wayfair for $137.99.

Ashford Toiles Dog's Life

Toile gets a canine twist with this adorable puppy print. Use at your own risk if you have cats at home.

Purchase a 33-foot roll from Home Depot for $46.99.

American Floral

This vintage-inspired floral paper would be something your grandma would have loved—and it’s a look you can easily try out in your home with this fabric-textile removable wallpaper.

Purchase various size panels from MurWall on Etsy starting at $21.75.


Who needs artwork when you could turn the whole wall into a masterpiece with this geometric print?

Purchase a 33-foot roll from Anthropologie for $138.

Office Stuff

Made in Nashville, Tennessee, this removable wall paper is perfect for an office or any writer or editor’s home. Best of all: You can re-stick it up to 99 times!

Purchase various sizes from WallsNeedLove for $48.

Schumacher Birds and Butterflies

Bring the outdoors in with this colorful birds and butterflies print, which is handmade and printed on paper.

Purchase 5-yard rolls from Dewoke Draperies on Etsy for $196.


Take a stroll through the garden with this Wisteria print from Farrow & Ball, a paint and paper company that makes eco-friendly wallpaper.

Purchase a 21-foot roll for $285.

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