6 tips for getting the best farmers market haul

'Chopped' champ Adrienne Grenier gives advice for getting the best produce on your next neighborhood trip
By Dalene Rovenstine  Published on 05/31/2018 at 4:06 PM EDT

There’s nothing quite as great as bringing home a bag full of colorful, ripe farmers market produce. But that being said—picking out the right produce for the season, knowing which vendor to purchase from or even how to know what is ripe can sometimes be tough for the uninitiated.

Executive Chef Adrienne Grenier
Adrienne Grenier

Luckily for us, Floridian Adrienne Grenier has provided us with six tips for picking the best produce from your neighborly vendors. Grenier—the executive chef at 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale and a Chopped champion—is a self-professed “farm girl” plus she attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she honed an in-depth knowledge of ingredients. So you can trust she knows what she’s talking about. Here’s what she says to keep in mind for your next farmers market trip.

  1. Buy the item that everyone at the market is selling–that means it’s peak season.
    During the summer you will usually find blackberries, blueberries, cherries, figs, melons, peaches, raspberries and strawberries at farmers markets. If you’re looking for summer veggies, opt for cucumbers, green beans, okra, sweet peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant. For eggplants, you want to grab the ones that feel heavy for their size. Look for smooth, tight, shiny skin; avoid any eggplants with soft spots or wrinkled bits.
  2. Learn what grows in your area during each season and talk to the growers about what will be coming to market in upcoming weeks.
    What’s in season in Florida–where I’m from–is very different from everywhere else. In Florida, our growing season is pretty much over in the summer but there are still great products available. However, when I lived in California, almost everything was amazing all summer. It can really vary depending on your location.
  3. Make sure to sample everything!  
    Sometimes everything looks so gorgeous and tempting, but certain products can surprise you. The more you taste as you shop, the better produce you will buy.
  4. Talk to the farmers and get to know them.
    They are a wealth of knowledge and are always so passionate about what they are growing; they have the best insider tips on all the produce! Once you are in their good graces, they will hold product that they know you like because you are loyal to them and you give them good feedback.  
  5. Go to the market often.
    You will learn your favorites, notice trends and even become an expert!  
  6. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags!
    It’s better for the environment! (Check out Grok Nation‘s gallery below for options of reusable bags and other earth-friendly products you can buy for your kitchen and your home.)

Find Adrienne Grenier in Florida at 3030 Ocean or follow their Instagram.

Silicone reusable bags

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Silicone and stainless steel straws

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Reusable food wrap

Bee’s Wrap offers a more sustainable solution than other plastic wraps—the reusable paper is made of organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, so they can be used over and over then recycled or composted when needed. Using the warmth of your hands, you can wrap the product around bowls and food. Purchase this variety pack on Amazon for $18.

Grocery totes

Paper or plastic? Stock up on a few of these waxed canvas reusable grocery bags and whether you’re grocery shopping or at the mall, you can say “neither”! Purchase from WAAM Industries on Etsy.com for $49.

Mesh produce bags

If canvas bags aren’t your style, try these more Bohemian mesh bags. They’re perfect for loading up on produce at Whole Foods or the farmers market. Purchase from Anabelle Taylor Company on Etsy.com for $26.

Stainless steel water bottle

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Travel coffee tumbler

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Travel tea bottle

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