Vlog #23: Cooking (and Multi-Tasking!) with Mayim

Join Mayim in her kitchen as she makes vegan chopped liver while managing her kids' needs...
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 05/04/2017 at 8:00 AM EDT

As a vegan, Mayim talks a lot about food. She talks about how to eat sustainably, transition to a more vegan-friendly diet, and she even shares her own recipes for cooking dishes that would otherwise be banned from a vegan diet (did you catch her Oatmeal Cookie recipe last week?!).

In this vlog, Mayim takes us into her kitchen as she prepares for a holiday dinner and shows us how to make her mock chopped liver, using extremely precise measurements (you’ll see we’re kidding).

And if the concept of vegetarian liver sounds weird to you, just consider the ingredients are fried onions and mushrooms pureed into a spread that’s delicious on crackers. See? Not so weird now, is it?

This video also features Mayim’s cats, some crying (from onions, don’t worry), and a lot of complaining about mushrooms. We’ll let Mayim explain that one…

Don’t forget to subscribe to Mayim’s YouTube channel! Enjoy!

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