Vlog #15: Your Questions, Mayim’s Answers

In this new video, Mayim covers your questions, ranging from the deep to the trivial
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 01/12/2017 at 9:21 AM EST

Wherever she goes, Mayim gets asked lots of questions, many of them in interviews about her work on The Big Bang Theory. Now, in this latest video, Mayim takes on questions directly from YOU, the readers!

Marvel or DC? What does parking have to do with sequential learning or extroverted tendencies? What was it like growing up nerdy? Why did Mayim return to acting after studying neuroscience? Your questions went deep in some cases, or humorous in others. But Mayim answered them all with her trademark sincerity and humor….even answering a marriage proposal…sort of. You won’t want to miss Mayim’s “review” of Season 10 of the X-Files and her declaration of love for a certain acclaimed actor. Plus, Blossom fans get a very important perspective on Joey Lawrence.

Check out Mayim’s answers to your questions, subscribe to her channel and add your questions to the comments on this post or on YouTube.

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