Mayim’s Vlog #8: On “Geek Chic” & Why It Can Still Hurt To Be Different

Mayim embraces her own nerdiness, takes on issues for the broader geek and nerd community
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 09/15/2016 at 11:02 AM EST

Today, “geek chic” (bold glasses, Chuck Taylors etc) seems to be everywhere, and pop culture, with an emphasis on gaming and an abundance of superhero movies, may seem to be becoming more inclusive. But are nerds and geeks really becoming part of the dominant culture? Mayim doesn’t think so.

In this vlog, she explains how she feels in Hollywood, how it’s always felt for her to go against the grain and nerd out on music, Dungeons and Dragons, or the X-Men. She explores why geeks and nerds, who are part of fringe and non-majority culture, are different in a way that may cause them to feel hurt and like outsiders when they’re young and even when they grow up. Being different can be lonely and sad when you feel like your interests don’t overlap with those of the general public.

But, she points out, when you get older, you become more comfortable with yourself, your passions and how you present yourself in the world. “I’m different, and I can’t not be different,” Mayim says in the video, noting that in her vlogs, she’s harnessing her nerdiness and embracing it to help others feel more comfortable and understood, and taking on issues for the broader geek and nerd community.

So don’t you worry if you feel different or like an outsider in many environments or conversations: Mayim is here for all of you. (Subscribe to her channel to make sure you don’t miss a single video!)

Have you ever felt like you were different, or couldn’t relate to something that everyone else seemed to “get”? How did you – or do you still – deal with being different?

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