Mayim’s Vlog #9: Too Emotional?

Some people think Mayim is too sensitive, but she is reframing her tendency to be emotional (and so can you...)
By Grok Nation StaffPublished on 10/13/2016 at 8:26 AM EDT

Mayim is VERY in touch with her emotions…in fact, she’s SO in touch with her emotions that some people are uncomfortable with it, calling her “oversensitive” or “too emotional.” In this vlog, Mayim explains what it’s like to feel things as deeply as she does, and why it is not a negative quality: to the contrary, she calls it her “superpower,” as it enables her to bring in sad feelings like grief, loss and longing in a way that helps her feel more connected, and brings “supercharged meaning” to her life.

Mayim admits that it’s sometimes uncomfortable to be feeling so many big feelings all of the time. But she doesn’t let the “bad guys” get to her when they try to make fun of her for being sentimental or “too emotional.” She takes pride in feeling, and lets us know that it’s okay to be an emotional, sensitive human being.

“Difficult emotions are part of our beautiful life,” Mayim says in the video, advising that if people tease you about being sensitive or emotional, you should reframe it: “their insults are compliments waiting to be discovered by wonderful you.”

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