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Mayim’s New York City photo diary

After spending a week in NYC doing press for her new book 'Boying Up', Mayim shares photos of the tour
By Mayim Bialik     Published on 05/14/2018 at 3:17 PM EDT

As you may have heard, I recently released a new book called Boying Up: How to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant and because of that I was asked to come on a variety of different talk shows or provide interviews for publications to discuss the book. Some of those were in California where I live, which made them easy, but many of them were in New York City. I love NYC, so any excuse to spend a week there is something I’m totally on board with. They have amazing vegan, kosher food that I get to gorge myself on, plus it’s the most beautiful city in the world and many of my favorite people live there!

I collected a lot of photos during my week of press touring there and wanted to share them with you as sort of a photo diary of my experiences. So, without further ado, here’s my week in NYC!

Good Morning America!

We started the press tour with a stop at Good Morning America. Everyone was so nice, and Michael Strahan is even more handsome and kind in person.

Live with Kelly and Ryan

Once we got to Live with Kelly and Ryan, we found out that some very famous and cool people were also there. I’ll talk about that another day…

Sirius XM with Dalton Ross

Then I got into some comfier clothes because I was going to record a few radio shows at SiriusXM and I didn’t have to be on camera. Yay! This is me with Dalton Ross, host of the Entertainment Weekly Morning Live on SiriusXM and husband of Grok Nation‘s editor-in-chief Christina Kelly! What a lucky guy.

Natalie Koch
Grok Nation Staff Meeting

Wednesday was a special day because we were able to gather some of the Grok Nation team all in one place. Left to right, Christina Kelly, managing editor Dalene Rovenstine, Mayim and contributing editor and writer Avital Norman Nathman.

Doing my own glam

Sometimes I take matters into my own hands and do hair and makeup by myself for press.

Earth's Mightiest Show with Lorraine Cink!

I donned my Wolverine shirt and headed to Marvel HQ (!!!) to meet with Lorraine Cink and the folks at Earth’s Mightiest Show. This was beyond fun! We talked about Boying Up, The Big Bang Theory, and then played a fun game.

Marvel HQ tour!

After the show, we got to take a tour of Marvel HQ! (!!) It was so nice of them to show us around. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that I’m so thankful for.

Yankees Game

I went to a Yankees game on Wednesday night. I’m a huge Yankees fan because both my parents are from the Bronx. Plus, baseball is great! They played the Red Sox (boo!) and WON!

Buzzfeed's AM2DM

Thursday’s press tour picked back up with AM2DM in the Buzzfeed offices. This was a truly great interview with David Mack and everyone was super nice!

Salon Talks

I spoke with Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon Talks on her live show, and we had a great chat about being moms in today’s world.

My Glam Squad!

My crack team of makeup and hair experts, who I always use when I come to NYC. We took advantage of the flattering lighting at Associated Press to get a photo together. Jacqueline Cookson and Richard Keogh are masters at their craft and LOTS of fun!


I stopped into Newsweek to chat about Boying Up and The Big Bang Theory finale in front of a green screen…I really should have asked what was going to be behind me. A roller coaster? A beach? The White House? Who knows!

Boying Up at Books of Wonder

I visited Books of Wonder for a few minutes to sign copies of Boying Up and Girling Up for their shelves. This store is incredible. They’re one of the last independent children’s bookstores in the city and a really special place. The staff is amazing. If you’re in New York, you should stop by!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This was one of the most exciting parts of the trip—The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Colbert is a fellow nerd, so I love getting to talk to him, but he’s also a genuinely good person.

Meeting some fans!

I was able to take a few minutes after The Late Show to meet some fans and take pictures with them. I love being able to do this, so I was glad there was time!

I still have a lot of photos and stories left from this trip, so keep an eye on my social media for more!

You can order Boying Up online or wherever books are sold.

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