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Mayim takes us into Wil Wheaton’s TV/real house

Wil Wheaton's real house served as inspiration for his 'Big Bang Theory' pad
By Mayim Bialik     Published on 02/21/2019 at 11:32 PM EDT

Thursday’s episode had some pretty epic guest stars: Kevin Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Manganiello, and William Shatner. But Wil Wheaton was also a huge player and it is always such a thrill to have him on set.

Wil and I both grew up on camera, and we also are geeky nerds who share a passion for discussing our mental illness struggles publicly. We are very similar, and it’s so refreshing to work with him.

The set that was used as his living room was really special because it contained actual items from Wil’s real life house. I was so delighted to see artwork, fan art, and memorabilia from his life—and I was so delighted that I photographed all of it and asked him to describe each item.

Here is a tour of Wil’s set living room with details about all of the amazing things he shared with our show to make this set extra authentic and special!

Wil in his TV apartment

Wil rehearsed lines from his couch in the ‘Big Bang Theory’ reimagining of his apartment.

Wesley Crusher

This portrait of Wesley Crusher, Wil Wheaton’s Star Trek: The Next Generation character, was painted on velvet by a Mexican artist from Tijuana.

Another Wesley Crusher

This portrait of Wesley was made by a friend of Wil’s. If you look closely, you’ll see stars; each star is actually a balled up piece of newspaper that was then dyed.

Stand By Me x Jay and Silent Bob

Wil admired this piece at an art show—it’s a classic image from his 1986 film Stand by Me with his friend Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob characters inserted into it—so Kevin bought it for him!

D&D dice

I’m crushing hard on this D&D dice in the shape of the iconic Big Bang atom image.


Piggy and Pug was written by Wil’s wife, Anne, and it’s a darling kid’s book. (You can get it on Amazon.) The top shelf features two books written by Wil: Just a Geek: Unflinchingly honest tales of the search for life, love, and fulfillment beyond the Starship Enterprise and The Happiest Days of Our Lives.

Stand by Me poster

The image is pretty self-explanatory and all I have to say is “wow.”

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