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Mayim reflects on which Star Wars character she’d be

And she gets input from her kids
By Mayim Bialik     Published on 08/11/2015 at 8:00 AM EDT

Knowing that I’m a huge Star Wars fan, our Grok Nation staff was wondering which Star Wars character I thought I was the most similar to. Naturally, I enlisted my kids, also Star Wars fans, to help. They said that I would be mostly Princess Leia and Chewbacca. But also a little bit of a lot of other characters. Here’s their breakdown:

Chewbacca: “You’re sort of grumpy and don’t always speak in an intelligible way.”

Princess Leia: “Cause I’m pretty?” “Nooo, hahaha. Because you’re bossy.”

Han Solo: “He’s sarcastic.”

Luke: “He feels confident, but he doesn’t always succeed. He almost never succeeds.” (LOL!)

Darth Vader: “You have an army of words and you are in charge.”

Young Anakin: “You’re really adventurous but kind of annoying.”

Watto: “Because you’re bossy.” (Thank goodness this is their reason rather than his prominent, ridiculous nose.)

Jabba the Hutt: “He earns a lot of money.” (LOL!)

C3PO and R2D2: “Because you’re smart.”

Ewoks: “Because you’re musical.”

Yoda: “Because you’re wise.”

Mace Windu: “He’s calm and strong.”

My kids loved helping me with this post. First, they like being part of my work; although my work as an actor on a sitcom is very nontraditional, this is a way they can understand a bit more of what I do when I’m still working, but not on the set of The Big Bang Theory. They are young, and I need to often remind them that I sort of work all the time: acting is one part of my work life, but publicity, business, writing and now Grok Nation is also a part of it!

Second, they think it’s cool that their mom likes Star Wars. I love the characters, the themes…everything. So that’s a neat thing we get to bond over.

Finally, they love the opportunity to let me know how they perceive of me. And I get to either dispute that out of defensiveness—“I am not bossy!!”—or I can take a good, hard look at how they see me and know that even if I think the proportion of how much time I spend being bossy is wrong, it does impact them.

What do their observations teach me? I think I need to aim for more Ewok, less Vader. I need to be more adventurous Anakin, and less annoying Anakin. I need to be less Leia, less Han, more Mace and more Yoda. (Of course.)

If you were a Star Wars character, which one would you be?

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