9 books to read while you’re breastfeeding

Top reads to help you pass the breastfeeding hours
By Kate HaasPublished on 08/02/2018 at 10:16 AM EDT

We know the facts: Breastfeeding promotes bonding, provides infants with essential antibodies, and lowers the risk for SIDS and asthma. Sure, getting started can be difficult, what with the pain and the cognitive dissonance (other mammals accomplish nursing with ease, so why does maneuvering an infant into position feel so profoundly unnatural at first?). But then we get the hang of it, the initial drama fades, and there we are, stuck in that rocker. The baby’s a natural, nursing pretty much all the time, what with the cluster feeding. But for a mother, this biologically enforced passivity can start to chafe—and no amount of lanolin can fix that.

But a good read can help. Yes, breastfeeding while reading takes more practice than operating the remote or picking up a phone. (Confession: I once dropped I Capture the Castle onto my baby’s head). But in this hectic age, when many of us have difficulty finding the time to crack a novel, breastfeeding is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the pleasures of a good book. So, in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, why not find some books that will keep you company while you feed your child?

These nine selections will appeal to breastfeeding mothers. And even if you do happen to drop one of these on your baby, take it from me—the kid will be fine.

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