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Another Year of Shifts, Transitions, Grief and Dreams

9 months ago

Today is April 9. The ninth day of the fourth month. The day is full. Passover, the Jewish festival of Freedom celebrating the Exodus from Egypt  -the transformation from slavery to liberation – begins tomorrow night. There are so many…

Grok Culture

A Social-Justice Oriented Gap Year Program: Tzedek America

10 months ago

The tradition of the “gap year” program – an opportunity that graduated high school students may take advantage of before entering college to grow, expand their knowledge base or have new experiences in other countries – began in the UK…

Grok News

The Refugees Crisis

2 years ago

There’s something serious going on in the world now: thousands of people are fleeing war and persecution in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, seeking asylum in Europe. (You can read more about this crisis here.) As the descendant of immigrants who were themselves refugees…