Annabelle Azadé
Annabelle Azadé is a 30 year-old French-Israeli journalist based in Los Angeles. She has reported from Paris, Bangkok, New York, Tel Aviv and London. She has worked as a journalist at the Associated Press for three years in London and has been working as a freelance counter-terrorism journalist for BuzzFeed since 2015. She has received the 1K BuzzFeed award for her work in 2017 and organized the annual Associated Press emergency relief fund event.
With a bachelor's degree in languages from Sorbonne Paris University and a master's degree with distinctions from Paris journalism school in 2010, Annabelle has also worked as a tech TV Presenter for Israel's I24 News, and as a producer assistant for Vice, NBC, BBC and National Geographic productions. Annabelle has also experience in lifestyle and fashion journalism for Monocle, BrownBook Magazine and French media. Her expertise led her to teach journalism in several schools in Paris and at Paris XIII University. She was interviewed about her expertise for NBC Correspondent Paris blog and daily newspaper Libération. She was the only international journalist to be invited as jury member for the French National Grand Prize in 2017.
Annabelle is based in California where she is a correspondent for UK, US and French media. She is working on her first book, The Californians at Henry Dougier (Flammarion) publications.