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Grok Faith

Cutting the Cords of Toxic Relationships

2 months ago

[Photo: “Release” by Sophia] When Facebook gave me the opportunity to post my favorite reflections from 2016, I hit delete. 2016 is one year I would prefer not to revisit. Like many women, I found myself triggered by the avalanche of…

Grok Culture

Harry Potter & Trump’s America

2 months ago

[Image by Tom Francis] If you’ve woken up every day of 2017 wondering if a rogue Slytherin has cast a massive Confundus Charm (a magical confusion spell) over a large portion of the United States, you’re not alone. With Donald Trump…

Grok News

7 Ways to Get Through the Trump Presidency

2 months ago

I generally consider myself an optimistic, “glass-half-full” gal. I’m usually smiling and genuinely happy. The receptionist at the pediatrician’s office once told me I was the most cheerful person she ever spoke to on the phone. I revel in that….