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The Agony and Ecstasy of Comic-Con 2017

3 months ago

[Photo: Samantha Taylor with her family at Comic-Con, San Diego] After about 15 hours of waiting in line, my friend Christy turned to me and said “I have an abusive relationship with Comic-Con, and I just keep coming back for…

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This Week in Women: From Crappy Healthcare to Star Wars

4 months ago

[Image source] It’s been a busy week with lots going on from politics to pop culture, so let’s take a minute to spin through five stories from this week that have popped up on our radar relating to women, and why we should…

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The Fierce Females of Film and TV

5 months ago

I just came back from a screening of “Wonder Woman,” which I loved. But what I loved the most was the beginning (this is not a spoiler!), as we explored this island of Amazons, strong, fierce females, training and strengthening each other,…