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‘Citizen Rose’ Review: Rose McGowan Gets Brave

4 weeks ago

“Being brave doesn’t mean you’re not scared,” says actress Rose McGowan, in the opening moments of Citizen Rose, the two-hour documentary special that debuted on E! January 30. “It just means you do it anyway.” McGowan was one of the first…

Grok Parenting

Five Things Your Teen Should Know about Sexual Assault

2 months ago

How do we convey important messages about violence in society without paralyzing our children with fear? The serious, scary and awkward ongoing conversation about sexual harassment and assault is so important. So I’ve been speaking with my two teen daughters…

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The Weekly What??!!: A GrokNation news roundup

3 months ago

News moves swiftly, changing hour to hour – we’ve captured some stories you may have missed. In this week’s news roundup, more stories relating to sexual misconduct (mostly in Hollywood), the New York Times gets in trouble for profiling a…

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The Weekly WHAT???: A GrokNation News Roundup

3 months ago

So, what happened this week? In this frenetic news environment it’s hard to keep track. While we hate that there has to be a section called “Sexual Harassment, Assault and Abuse Update,” it’s important to hear the stories of victims and…