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Grok Faith

Cutting the Cords of Toxic Relationships

6 months ago

[Photo: “Release” by Sophia] When Facebook gave me the opportunity to post my favorite reflections from 2016, I hit delete. 2016 is one year I would prefer not to revisit. Like many women, I found myself triggered by the avalanche of…

Grok News

10 Things about the Inauguration and a Few Thoughts

7 months ago

[image:] Whether you’re planning to watch it or planning to skip it, here are 10 things that may interest you about tomorrow’s Inauguration (and lots of hashtags to use and links to follow if you want more information). And…

Grok Culture

Vlog #12: A 21st Century Dating Quiz for Mayim

9 months ago

Warning – this whole post is North South Freaking West. But we less than three it. (If that didn’t make sense, then you’re the only person who reads these text posts before clicking ‘play’ on the video posts. And we…