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An Imperfect Mom Confessional

3 days ago

I burned the frozen vegetables. I burned the frozen vegetables because my dog was insanely barking and I had to put her in her crate upstairs and then my toddler was crying and asking me to read a book and…

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10 Weird Books Kids Should Read Before Turning 10

3 weeks ago

 As big-time readers, our home is always filled with books–especially books that could be described as fantastic, nerdy, and straight up weird. You know, books that will tickle the brain and make your kid turn her head sideways in a,…

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Parenting Lessons from “Bad” Television Moms

3 weeks ago

Like other latchkey kids of the late 20th century, television has always been my biggest teacher: I’m a liberal because of The West Wing; I’m a hopeless romantic because of Dawson’s Creek. And as a new mother, I turn to…

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An Uninvited Monster: Parenting a Child With Anxiety

2 months ago

If you were to scroll through photos of my family you’d see a beautiful, smiling foursome making all the memories you make with young kids: visits to the pumpkin patch, holiday pajamas, exploring outside, building a tree fort, kissing a…