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The Weekly What??!!: A GrokNation news roundup

2 weeks ago

News moves swiftly, changing hour to hour – we’ve captured some stories you may have missed. In this week’s news roundup, more stories relating to sexual misconduct (mostly in Hollywood), the New York Times gets in trouble for profiling a…

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The Weekly WHAT???: A GrokNation News Roundup

4 weeks ago

So, what happened this week? In this frenetic news environment it’s hard to keep track. While we hate that there has to be a section called “Sexual Harassment, Assault and Abuse Update,” it’s important to hear the stories of victims and…

Grok Faith

Shutting it All Down to Reboot My System

1 year ago

One of the great gifts I have received from taking on Jewish observance is the gift of shutting off things in my life that distract me from what I want to experience on a particular religious holiday. For example, Shabbat…

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Seeking the Sparks in a Messy World

2 years ago

Three weeks into 2016’s first month, a lot of bad things are happening. What is going on in the world since New Year’s? It has certainly not been a quiet January. I used to read the newspaper every day when I…

Grok Hollywood

The Daily Show: Then and “New”

2 years ago

A Message from Mayim: There’s not many people who share my love for comedy, comics, science and being an out-of-the-box thinker. Rob Kutner, who formerly wrote for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and now writes for Conan O’Brien, wrangled me into recording a…