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Grok Faith

How TV Reactivates My Grief

2 weeks ago

Even if you have not lost someone close to you, you know what Grief is: you know Grief means you miss someone. You had memories with them, of them; those memories now cause pain and longing. You wish the person…

Grok Faith

Rethinking the Rainbow Bridge

3 months ago

[Image source] The Rainbow Bridge refers to a place beloved companion pets go when they pass away. It is a comforting and warm image, that seems to provide a sense of peace for the families of so many loved pets…

Grok Faith

Another Year of Shifts, Transitions, Grief and Dreams

7 months ago

Today is April 9. The ninth day of the fourth month. The day is full. Passover, the Jewish festival of Freedom celebrating the Exodus from Egypt  -the transformation from slavery to liberation – begins tomorrow night. There are so many…

Grok Faith

The Upside-Down of Purim

8 months ago

[Photo: Queen Esther denouncing Haman / Ernest Normand] Purim. Everything gets turned upside down on this holiday. Indeed. Purim is a celebration unlike any other in our religious tradition. It is our only holiday with no reference to God in the…