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Why Bat Mitzvahs (and Other Parties) Need A Dance Motivator

2 months ago

[Photo Credit: Lynn Abesera Photography (center), Debblin Studio (right center), Abbie Sophia Photography (bottom right)]  You know Melissa as one of the behind-the-scenes women who make GrokNation happen every day. But what you probably don’t know is that she has…

Grok Faith

When the Rabbi’s Wife is Diagnosed With Cancer

10 months ago

One year ago this past September, I stood before my congregation at Beth El in Durham, NC and tried to teach. But my heart was with my wife Jennifer at home. I cannot speak for Jennifer – ever 🙂 but…

Grok Faith

Shutting it All Down to Reboot My System

1 year ago

One of the great gifts I have received from taking on Jewish observance is the gift of shutting off things in my life that distract me from what I want to experience on a particular religious holiday. For example, Shabbat…

Grok Faith

Carrying the Weight of the Torah

1 year ago

My arm is sore. Really sore. Just the right one. Because it was supporting a heavy weight. And it wasn’t either of my sons’ weight: at 8 and 11, my sons are far too heavy and cumbersome to be held by me, at…