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Guns and Timing

1 year ago

Timing is everything. My mother-in-law (the mother of my ex-husband) was born Mormon, but when the time was right for her (after her son married me and when she decided she wanted to), she converted to Judaism. Awesome. She’s amazing….

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Gun Violence, Prayer & Action

1 year ago

Image: “Hannah at Prayer,” by Wilhelm Wachtel (Polish, 1875–1942), via artnet (From the writer & the editor: This essay, written in the days after the UCLA shooting, is about bringing prayer to action. Only days later, in a single weekend, a talented…

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Gun Violence in Orlando

1 year ago

The gun violence-related tragedies this weekend, both in Orlando, have consumed my thoughts this holiday weekend. As Jews all over the world celebrated the Sabbath which led into the festive, joyous holiday of Shavuot (which celebrates the receiving of the…

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Waiting on Exposure to Violence, Not Star Wars

2 years ago

I’ve been accused of sheltering my kids too much. I worry about the overstimulation prevalent in a society with such a strong technology emphasis, while acknowledging that technology is important and necessary for them to function in this world. (For…