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Grok Faith

Another Year of Shifts, Transitions, Grief and Dreams

6 months ago

Today is April 9. The ninth day of the fourth month. The day is full. Passover, the Jewish festival of Freedom celebrating the Exodus from Egypt  -the transformation from slavery to liberation – begins tomorrow night. There are so many…

Grok Faith

The Upside-Down of Purim

7 months ago

[Photo: Queen Esther denouncing Haman / Ernest Normand] Purim. Everything gets turned upside down on this holiday. Indeed. Purim is a celebration unlike any other in our religious tradition. It is our only holiday with no reference to God in the…

Grok Faith

Three Things No One Told Me About Grief

10 months ago

My father died 1 year and 7 and a half months ago. The first year was unbelievably hard but as I have written about extensively here, the rituals of grieving laid out by my religious tradition guided me through that…