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How Big Bang Theory Fan Art Forged a Friendship

3 months ago

[Image: Guest writer Zheshu (right) & best friend, Regina] My name is Zheshu. I’m from Shanghai, and I am currently studying in Illinois. My best friend, Regina, is from Barcelona, and she’s currently living in London. There’s no reason we…

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Vlog #21: Chad and Mayim Time

7 months ago

Since Mayim started doing videos with Chad Jamian (remember “Driving with Mayim”? or last year’s Passover video?), GrokNation readers have been clamoring for more “Chad” – so we’re happy that Chad and Mayim did this fun video about their friendship. Chad…

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A GrokNation Friendship: Marion & Aurélie

1 year ago

From the time GrokNation launched a year ago, we can’t remember a time when Aurélie (32) and Marion (20) were not actively present on our site, participating in conversations and bringing vital perspectives and opinions from Europe – Belgium and…