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My Lady Bird, My Albatross

3 weeks ago

I finally saw Lady Bird last night. I’m typically very late to see “important” films, but I knew I needed to actually make an effort with this one. People who know me well kept telling me how much I’d like…

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Friendsgiving: A New Tradition

3 months ago

When I moved from New York to Los Angeles, I didn’t fully realize that I was moving away from my entire family. As I fell quickly into Jewish communities here, the Jewish holidays weren’t a problem. But then people started…

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How Big Bang Theory Fan Art Forged a Friendship

7 months ago

[Image: Guest writer Zheshu (right) & best friend, Regina] My name is Zheshu. I’m from Shanghai, and I am currently studying in Illinois. My best friend, Regina, is from Barcelona, and she’s currently living in London. There’s no reason we…