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When the Rabbi’s Wife is Diagnosed With Cancer

12 months ago

One year ago this past September, I stood before my congregation at Beth El in Durham, NC and tried to teach. But my heart was with my wife Jennifer at home. I cannot speak for Jennifer – ever 🙂 but…

Grok Faith

Getting Closer to Death Brought Her Closer to Life

1 year ago

About seven years ago I was serving as a volunteer in San Rafael, CA with my synagogue’s bikkur cholim group, the group of people who visit those who are sick or elderly, when Rabbi Michael Lezak, who leads the group,…

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Pride 2016: Empty Chairs at My Wedding

2 years ago

Empty Chairs at My Wedding by Shay Benjamin I was in my own musical reverie, headphones on, purchasing some dinner ingredients in a neighborhood store, when I happened to look up and glimpse an acquaintance, an Orthodox woman, doing her…