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Grok Food

Vote in Our Latke Poll: Shredded? Or Mashed?

2 days ago

It’s Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, when we celebrate the miracle of lasting oil by eating all the fried food, including latkes (aka, potato pancakes). But here at GrokNation headquarters, we’ve been having a behind-the-scenes standoff on the right…

Grok Culture

Mayim’s Hanukkah, from Latkes to Dreidels

3 days ago

The Festival of Lights – also known as Hanukkah – started December 12. As my YouTube video shows, there are many myths about Hanukkah which I was happy to dispel. Hanukkah is not “Jewish Christmas”! But yes, we play dreidel….

Grok Faith

Vlog #14: “Lost Footage of Chanukah Party Found”!

12 months ago

Sure, you know Mayim Bialik from her work on “The Big Bang Theory” and “Blossom.” But here’s Mayim as you’ve never seen her before… This silly sitcom’s special holiday episode has everything: Mayim A “wild card” of a guest who must leave…

Grok Faith

Grok With Mayim (And A Special Guest): Chanukah

2 years ago

Get an inside look at how Mayim celebrates the holiday of Chanukah from her dressing room on set of “The Big Bang Theory”. From the story of the miracles, to lighting the Chanukiyyah* (or Menorah), to playing dreidel, and even…