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Vlog # 31: Making Faces with Mayim and Chad

6 months ago

How are you today? Excited? A little sad because you lost your phone? Surprised, because Chad has arrived unannounced? And most importantly, how – without a voice – does Mayim express emotions such as these through facial gestures? In another…

Grok Culture

Vlog #29: Mayim and Chad Play Charades!

6 months ago

When life brings you vocal problems, there’s only one thing to do: play charades with one of your funny friends! True, Mayim still can’t talk. But that doesn’t mean she can’t communicate! In this week’s video, Mayim comes up with…

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Vlog #21: Chad and Mayim Time

10 months ago

Since Mayim started doing videos with Chad Jamian¬†(remember “Driving with Mayim”? or last year’s Passover video?), GrokNation readers have been clamoring for more “Chad” – so we’re happy that Chad and Mayim did this fun video about their friendship. Chad…

Grok Faith

Go Passover Shopping with Mayim (VIDEO)

2 years ago

Some people really love grocery shopping. They “zen out,” enjoy either the unstructured wandering of wide aisles or the feeling of achievement as they cross the last thing off their list. But preparation for Passover is a whole other thing,…