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Skin: A Feminist Manifesto

3 months ago

The body is a piece of literature, a memoir. It tells the story of the life within it. A baby is born an empty book:. scars from childhood explorations are recorded; stretch marks scrawl up the legs during puberty; surgery…

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Modest Dress Can Help Close the “Skin-Gap”

1 year ago

We never used the word “modesty” in my house growing up. The only time the need to wear more clothing was even mentioned was if we saw a woman walk by who didn’t have a “nice enough” body to “pull…

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In the Car with Doctor Radio

2 years ago

As I wrote about here, I am refraining from listening to music during the year of mourning my father’s death. When my sons are in the car, I let them listen to music in the back speakers and I consciously…