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Skin: A Feminist Manifesto

4 months ago

The body is a piece of literature, a memoir. It tells the story of the life within it. A baby is born an empty book:. scars from childhood explorations are recorded; stretch marks scrawl up the legs during puberty; surgery…

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Feminism 101: The Battle over Body Image

8 months ago

The idea behind the body positivity movement — all bodies are good bodies — is a powerful one. But in a society that upholds a very narrow (and often unhealthy) image of what bodies should look like, it can be…

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Facing My Big Hurdle and Myself

9 months ago

Whether or not I should pursue a life as a singer was never a question; I have known since as long as I can remember that this is what I wanted to do. But when I was about 8, my…

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Body Image: Our Perceptions

1 year ago

It’s everywhere in the media: body-shaming accusations, plus-size models posting pictures of their cellulite and empowering other women to do the same, Amy Schumer (who is my dress size) being called plus-size and then being accused of fat-shaming for trying…