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Mayim on Her Boys Growing Up and Away

4 weeks ago

It’s normal, they say. It’s bound to happen. My sons. They’re growing up. Not just up. Up and away. Like that superhero I told them they could be. Like the superhero I gave up my dreams and my sleep and…

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Vlog #24: Life of a Teenage Mayim: Why I Wrote Girling Up

8 months ago

If you were ever a girl, you probably remember how challenging it was to balance it all – the changes in your body, budding teen romances, peer pressure and conflicting emotions about practically everything – and know who to talk to. Many girls…

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Girling Up is Officially Published!!

9 months ago

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled that my book, Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular, is officially out today! It’s about growing up female: everything from explaining puberty and talking about gender and body image and nutrition to dating…