Grok Hollywood

Consent & The Big Bang Theory

2 weeks ago

On Thursday night, CBS aired the winter finale of The Big Bang Theory, titled “The Birthday Synchronicity.” In this episode, not only do Howard and Bernadette have their baby (who they name Halley, like the comet….cute, huh?), but Amy and…

Grok Culture

Vlog #13: Mayim’s Not-Fancy New York Trip

2 weeks ago

One of the things we always hear people say about Mayim is about how down-to-earth, relatable and “real” she is. And they’re right. Those of us who know her know that although she works in Hollywood, the “Hollywood lifestyle” you…

Grok Parenting

My Mother’s Berkeley Feminism & Me

3 weeks ago

I was born in Berkeley, California in 1975. Berkeley’s most prominent feature is UC Berkeley, often considered the top public University in the United States. It is renowned for its brilliant students and professors, and its extreme liberalism. Berkeley in…