Grok Parenting

Vlog #32: Hitting Kids As Discipline?

6 days ago

Most parents have been there – frustrated with their children, upset that warnings and other forms of discipline haven’t worked. They’re even tempted to get physical with their children. But in this week’s video, Mayim tells you why she thinks…

Grok Culture

Trying to Learn Humanity’s Seven Billion Languages

1 week ago

[Image source] Humanity is a peculiar brand of life. We each shape for ourselves a personal culture, of sorts. Our interests, hobbies, personalities, dictate our lifestyle. And just like global cultures, we maintain our traditions. Seven billion different personal cultures,…

Grok Culture

How Big Bang Theory Fan Art Forged a Friendship

2 weeks ago

[Image: Guest writer Zheshu (right) & best friend, Regina] My name is Zheshu. I’m from Shanghai, and I am currently studying in Illinois. My best friend, Regina, is from Barcelona, and she’s currently living in London. There’s no reason we…